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Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Listing

Post written by Firm Exchange on February 27, 2019

There’s never been an easier time to start selling your business. In just a few short minutes, you can post your listing on This will add your listing to our searchable directory and allow buyers to find your business. We will also add your listing to our digital advertising campaigns to drive potential buyers directly to your listing.

Listing Information

Our listing creation tool includes many fields designed to help you highlight keep aspects of your business. However, when creating a new listing, there are only a handful of “Required Fields” that you must fill out. Let’s look at a few of them that are particularly important:

Listing Title

This is what buyers first see when looking at your listing. As this is your first chance to market your business, come up with a title that is both descriptive and eye-catching.

Asking Price

Most small businesses sell for 1- to 3-times pre-tax earnings. However, your business could be worth more depending on its specific characteristics. Learn more about valuing a small business and consider getting an appraisal from a qualified professional.

Tagline and Overview

These fields are where you can describe your business and expand on its history and growth potential. This is another opportunity to market your company. Focus on the things that will excite would-be buyers.

Category and Sub-Category

Selecting an appropriate business category and sub-category is important as it helps makes sure interested buyers find your listing. We use standardized categories to avoid confusion, so you cannot create your own.

Post Listing

With the required fields complete, you can click the Post Listing button to pay for your listing. This will make your listing live so you can start finding potential buyers. All new listings are backed by our 100-day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

As you collect more information about your business, you can continue to add to your listing. However, there is no substitute for visibility. After you post your listing, our marketing team will add it to our online ad campaigns to drive buyers to your listing.

Learn More

If this is your first time selling a business and you want to learn more about what it entails, visit the Selling category on our blog. Here you will find articles covering a wide range of topics, including tips for creating a good listing, preparing for the due diligence process, and negotiating with potential buyers.

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